Last week I threw a  karate themed birthday party for Fletcher's 7th birthday. Karate is his jam right now so it was no surprise when he chose it for his birthday theme. We rented his karate dojo for the event - with a group of twenty six and seven year olds who need a lot of space to get crazy this was the perfect choice!



There is a ten year difference between my oldest and my youngest child, so I have been living in the 'play dough stage' for quite a long time. Although Chayce has moved on to creating intricate oven dried creations Nash is now in full blown play dough mode. It is one of the only things that will keep him quietly seated for more than ten minutes plus he really enjoys helping to 'cook it' and play with it while I'm in the kitchen doing my own thing.



This fluffy frosting is my absolute favorite. Creamy, tangy and not too sweet. It tastes very similar to cream cheese frosting but doesn't require refrigeration and stays soft for days. My go to cupcake and cake frosting, it's been at every birthday and party I've thrown for the last 4 years and always gets a ton of compliments.



This zesty uncooked sauce is the perfect accompaniment to grilled meats. Super easy and versatile, I put it on everything. It livens up scrambled eggs, fried potatoes, rice, grilled vegetables and is a great dip for bread and chips. Try it is a marinade, a salad dressing, a topping for soups or as a pasta sauce.

I first started making chimichurri as an easy way to add flavor and boost the healthfulness of meals. Using herbs and spices in your cooking eliminates the need for extra fats, sugar and salt. This particular combination of herbs and spices is not only a flavor boost but also a health powerhouse.


shop launch GIVEAWAY

EXCITING NEWS... ONEarmedMAMA.com is launching a NEW shop! I've been searching for fabulous authentic vintage finds to sell here and on my instagram page. These fresh finds will be sold to the first person to comment 'sold', or available to purchase here in my shop.

To celebrate, I am giving away a super fresh find - this set of authentic Jadeite salt and pepper shakers are in great condition. Use them everyday on your family table, or include them in your Jadeite collection for display.



The moscow mule is my favorite cocktail for so many reasons. Fizzy, tangy and warmly spicy this vodka based beverage is perfect as is. It pairs so well with many flavors it's also the perfect base for other custom cocktails. The cranberry in this version pairs so well with the ginger and makes for a beautiful addition to any fall celebration.


halloween traditions + SWEET AND SPICY PUMPKIN SEEDS

I am a sucker for traditions, so naturally all holidays are a big deal in my house.We always visit a u-pick pumpkin patch and let each family member choose whichever pumpkin their little heart desires. While I leave the pumpkin carving to Dad and the kids, my favorite part is roasting and eating the seeds.