We've made it! Thirteen years of parenthood! My first born is no longer just a child. She is a teen.



Remember a few weeks ago when I shared the inspiration for Chayce's thirteenth birthday bash? 


Her pool party bday invitations have been printed and delivered to guests and now I'm sharing a free printable fill in version as promised. Yay!



I love sno cones and shaved ice. At carnivals, fairs and amusement parks it is my one must have food stand treat. The only thing I don't love is the artificial super sweet and brightly colored syrup that is poured to excess all over the ice. While the kids are mixing and matching away with their syrups I  always want to order mine sans syrup. Straight up fluffy ice, please. Would that be weird?



As days get longer and warmer in the Pacific Northwest it's time to think about sending my oldest off to summer camp. It's not her first year leaving us for a week to go to camp, but it is somewhat of an adjustment because last year was her first year as a overnight camper. I'm a bit more prepared, as is she, and we have a better idea of things she needs to make the most of her week away.



Happy Fourth of July! something about Independence Day makes me crave good old down home Americana food. Although this sweet homemade shortcake was not a classic food of my childhood, it just screams classic Americana. I grew up not really liking strawberry shortcake, or what I knew it to be - store bought round spongy cakes with super sweet syrupy strawberries and squirt whip cream. It was not until my step mom, Cheryl, first made me a delicious Bisquick drop biscuit shortcake that I fell in love with this dessert.



My almost-teen daughter coined a phrase a few months back {well, at least in our house because I have never heard it in. my. life.} "that's so tumblr". I have absolutely no idea what this means. As far as I know Tumblr is a social media site, sort of like what would happen if Pinterest and Instagram had a baby? I obviously have zero clues about this so I'm probably completely butchering the description of what it actually is. If you really need to know, I suggest asking a 11-18 year old girl.

I started making fun of Chayce's new phrase by replying to everything with 'that's so facebook'. She REALLY loves it when I do that. About as much as any thirteen year old girl has ever liked anything her mother does. So, not at all.

Anyway when Chayce decided she wanted to have a pool party for her 13th birthday I knew right away that I was going to plan a 'That's so Tumblr' 13th Birthday Pool Party. I just can't divulge to her that that's what I call it because she really loves it hates it when I say the word 'tumblr'.

She actually despises 90% of what I do. Totally normal, right?

Obviously since I am so well versed in the land of Tumblr, I had to try to research and have put together a 30-something clueless mom's description of  Tumblr inspired.  I'm guessing it is a lot of quotes, string lights, pink and teal, gold, landscape photos, geometric shapes, hand drawn images, donuts, cupcakes and boho touches. I could be completely wrong, though, due to the fact that I am 32 not 13. Check out my inspiration for the party, either way it will be super cute.

Stay tuned to see how it all unfolds! I will be sharing the invitation I custom made plus a free printable fill-in version next.

When planning an event, what is your first step?

UPDATE Free pool party bday printable here



As the school year comes to an end, many of us are thinking of ways to say thank you to the (wonderful, patient, kind, and completely out of their mind) teachers that work so hard everyday for the betterment of our kids.

I made a cute little teacher gift printable for a friend who will be having her son's class make finger print hearts around the outside of print and then framing it. I am a huge fan of fingerprint art and created this state fingerprint art canvas with my daughter's six grade class for the school auction a few years ago.