I recently celebrated my 34th birthday. Some years call for all out birthday bashes, but thirty four is not one of those milestones. For the weeks leading up to my day I bought myself whatever I wanted online and used the bday-leverage to have my husband finish up  projects around the house. On the actual day, I  was over the top excited to have a good bottle of champagne, some dahlias and a cheese plate waiting for me when I got home from work. Aside from bubbly, flowers and cheese outdoor family fun with the whole group enjoying life makes me one happy mama.  A few days before my birthday we packed a picnic and headed to Taylor Shellfish Farm for a beachside seafood feast.


DONUTS AND DUDES + free DUDE LIB printable!

Our PTA started a new event at the school this year, Donuts with Dads. It was a huge success but there's also so many kinks to work out with new events. So I am sharing my planning process with you as well as a fun Dude Lib printable.



Although most people view creme brulee as a difficult dessert to make, this restaurant menu staple is actually surprisingly easy! It's one of my favorite desserts not only because it WOWs guests but also because it is super customizable! Like all my favorite recipes, once you learn the technique you can play around with all sorts of different flavors.


1ST DAY OF SCHOOL + FREE photoshop template

It's that time again, Summer is over and back to school they go. The crazy thing is I now have an eighth grader and a first grader, and eighth grader, whaatttt?!



The end of the summer season is bittersweet. For me there's always a longing for time to slow down. I wish that there could be more summer days so that I can attempt to mark more things of my mental summer bucket list. More vacations, more time spent on the water and lounging on the hammock and less time worrying about the hustle and bustle that will inevitably arrive along with the school year. 

On a more positive note, the end of summer also brings beautiful things too. In the pacific northwest we get the gift of an abundance of blackberries growing naturally around every corner.



If you've been following me here or on instagram, you already know I have been planning a fun 13th birthday for Chayce. The fun bash happened a few weeks ago and I am excited to finally be able to share all details of this amazing tumblr-emoji inspired pool party.



We've made it! Thirteen years of parenthood! My first born is no longer just a child. She is a teen.