I love research. I also have a hefty obsession with spreadsheets { that's right. I said it. I'm told the first step is admitting the problem}. If research involves planning vacations and inputting the information into a spreadsheet, I am in heaven. Crazy, I know, but it is a somewhat useful obsession, right?

So, when my brother, who lives in Arizona, announced that he would be visiting Washington, we decided that a trip to the beach was a must and I got started on my vacation-planning-researching-spreadsheet-building.

The beach at Westport played a huge role in our childhood. In 1962 my Grandpa Bill bought a few plots of land with his siblings and built a small beach house at an area known as ‘Wash-Away Beach’. They were told they were crazy, after all the name is Wash-Away Beach.

As a child, my time there was spent camped out 15 kids deep in the living room, collecting sand dollars, watching the adults drinking beer, playing cards and cleaning clams.

As an adult, I was the one playing cards, drinking beer and cleaning clams. My friends and I brought our families here {as I know many of my cousin’s did with their friends}. We bought fresh seafood off the docks, watched sunsets, built late night bonfires, stuck our toes in the sand and watched on as our children did the same.
the Beach House  July 2011
the Beach House November 2011

In 2011, after a good 50 year run, the ocean showed us it's destructive strength and consumed our little family beach house.

I am so very thankful that my Grandpa and Great Uncles had the foresight to provide many generations of our family a place to congregate enjoying the pleasures of life with the beach as a backdrop, however crazy it must have seemed to buy land that would eventually be lost to erosion.

We wanted to create that familiar beach vacation but since we no longer had our family beach house, we needed to find a fill-in family beach house. The only requirements were that it had to fit 5 adults and 5 children and it had to be beachfront {although we had to walk a mile or so to get to the beach as children, we became somewhat spoiled by the beachfront property erosion had provided us the last couple years}

Here are our top runners:






1 king room, 2
queen rooms,1 double bunk room + sofa sleeper and futon / sleeps 14

Cohasset beach

2 oceanside
decks, 12 foot windows with pull down screen and movie projector, game room


2 queen rooms
+ loft with full and 2 twins and futon and sleeper sofa in living room  / sleeps

Westport east
of lighthouse on the bay

Oceanside deck


2 queen rooms
+ sleeper sofa / sleeps 6


Hot tub,
oceanside deck, on property beach trail


3 rooms /
sleeps 7

Westport by

Oceanside deck


1 king room, 1
queen room, 1 full with trundle room  / sleeps 9

Westport east
of Lighthouse on the bay

Covered hot
tub, Oceanside deck


1 king room, 2
queen bedrooms 2 baths / sleeps 10

Westport East
of lighthouse (bayside)

Not oceanside


2 queen
bedrooms plus bunk room with 2 bunks and 3 full beds / Sleeps 10

Westport by


1 queen room,
1 full room plus kids room with twin over full bunk + sleeper sofa in living
room and 2 recliners / sleeps 11 + room for rv and tents

North cove

3 blocks from

I will write a review after we return from vacation. Stay tuned to find out which beach house we chose!

Where did your family frequently vacation when you were a child? Leave me a comment and let me know!


  1. What a wonderful trip sis, the boys an I had a great time. Thanks for all the research. Can't wait to plan another.

    1. Your welcome! We had so much fun too and I'm just happy that you guys came up. Looking forward to our next adventure!