Everything's harder with three kids - fitting into jeans, fitting in some alone time with the hubs, fitting in a workout - I don't have too much advice for the first two, but I have recently had an epiphany about exercising {which I guess that might help with the whole jeans situation after all}.

After my third, Nash, was born I couldn't wait to get back to exercising. I started jogging again and did Shaun T's Focus T25 workouts. After I got out of my maternity jeans and was able to somewhat recognize my body, motivation faded - my weekly jogs turned into monthly jogs while my 25 minute workouts turned to 10 minute workouts - You know what Shaun T? It's not so easy to stay "focused" with a screaming baby on the floor next to you and a four year old under your feet, so suck it mister.

After I had Fletcher, I would throw him in the broke down jogging stroller my neighbor dropped off on my doorstep and take a quick run while his sister was at school. I worked out twice a week with my friend Juliana Uluave-Gould and a great group of local ladies and once Fletcher was sleeping through the night I made it to 6 am workouts twice a week with the fabulous Kristie Ensley of Kristie Ensley Personal Training.

I guess I figured things would be the same, if not easier after Nash. After all, I got rid of that junky jogging stroller and bought myself a shiny new BOB Revolution. But Jules moved to California, 6 am is smack dab in the middle of my only 2 hour chunk of uninterrupted sleep and Fletcher only goes to preschool for a few hours a day - during that time doing dishes, laundry and taking a shower always wins out on the priorities list {if I'm lucky I might get to brush my teeth!}. I was hesitant to take him on runs with me because I didn't want him slowing my pace and
riding his bike is out of the picture {we are blessed to live in a beautiful area with LOTS of hills and I would end up pushing both a bike and a stroller}. There just never seemed to be the right time to fit it in.

After a week long vacation with family left me a little pudgy in the middle - drinking a 6 pack plus of beer every day {Coors Light is like water, right?! Shut up. yes it is.} and eating Grandma's pumpkin pie and peanut butter cookies for breakfast, lunch, dinner, midnight snack and second midnight snack will do that.   I was feeling the need for some serious exercise.

After dinner, I had enough. I was feeling super cranky and when Mom's cranky that shit spreads faster than the freaking norovirus. I told the kids to get their shoes on - we were going for a run. It was a little later, a little darker and a little colder than I would have liked but I couldn't wait for the perfect moment, I just had to fit it when I could get it. Once we took off it was perfect. The fresh air lifted our mood and we ran the entire mile with smiles on our faces. When the kids needed to rest, it really didn't bother me after all, I just used that time to do a few squats or calf raises.

When we returned home the kids played together for a whole 10 minutes without fighting! And they were both fast asleep before bedtime. Instead of keeping my fitness life separate from my family life, I will be making this family run happen more and more often. We will be fitting it when WE can get it.
Do you include your kids in your workouts? If so leave a comment and share your tips!

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