I love creating restaurant worthy cocktails at home - it's a lot cheaper and the taste testing required to get them just right is a lot of fun!

Many times to get the same yummy flavors at home some prep work is required. Of course there are a lot of flavored liquors at the store but you can't always find the flavor you're looking for. And I don't know about you, buy I'd rather buy a big bottle of vodka and use it in many ways rather than having a bunch of different bottles of flavored vodka in the cabinet. Today we're not drinking vodka, though. Today is all about tequila.

My husband's favorite cocktail is a Classic Lime Margarita, but I'm a little fancy, so I like Mango-Habanero Margaritas. To make them at home I make Habanero Infused Tequila. It sounds complicated but it's actually pretty quick and easy.

Gather your ingredients 
1 habanero pepper- I usually have habaneros in the fridge but you could also use a jalapeno if you prefer.

Blanco or 'Silver' tequila is best for infusions because of it's clean flavor, but I already had some other stuff in the cabinet, so I'm using Gold Reposado today {it's slightly gold colored and has a little more caramel flavor due to being aged in oak barrels}.

Slice your pepper - Use plastic gloves or if you're like me, have your husband do it for you {slicing peppers with one hand while holding a baby is super dangerous business!}

Add peppers to a clean jar and pour in however much tequila you want. If you have awhile to infuse it you can use one slice of habanero and let it sit for a few days, but I didn't have much time, so I used the whole pepper and a couple cups of tequila and just let it infuse for about an hour.

Once you have your ingredients combined, place in a cool dark place and shake every so often. For habanero tequila you should not let it sit for longer than 1 day unless you like it VERY SPICY. If you're using a jalapeno, you can let it steep for longer, but still be careful because jalapenos can vary widely in their spiciness.

Once you have reached your desired spice, strain the infused tequila and store as you would normally store your liquor.

Use as desired - I love this Habanero Tequila in Mango-Habanero Margaritas, Spicy Tequila Shots,  Bloody Marias and many more yummy concoctions!

You can infuse any liquor with any flavor you want using this same method! The general rule is to steep milder flavors for longer periods of time and stronger flavors for less time but really you  can’t screw this up.  For more information about infusing liquors and recipe ideas visit http://cocktails.about.com/od/spirits/ht/infusions.htm
How do you use infused liquor? Leave a comment and let me know!

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