I know there are tequila drinkers who just love to drink it straight, but I {after many years} have learned that drinking-anything-straight and I just don’t mix. Perhaps that’s why this mix of sweet fresh mango, tart lime and spicy tequila is my absolute favorite way to get my tequila fix.

Mango Habanero Margaritas are great for Cinco de Mayo, Taco Tuesday, Thirsty Thursday, Memorial Day, 4th of July or anytime really. I mix up a big pitcher for parties and when camping- I bring the ingredients separate and mix up single glasses throughout the day and also give them out to anyone that wanders by really- chances are if you’ve been to the same music festival or campground as me, you’ve tasted at least one of my mango habanero margaritas. As I run out of ingredients or get tired of mixing {or my mixing abilities decline} , I just pull out some premade limeade to mix with the mango nectar and infused tequila – it’s almost as yummy and a lot less work.

Start by gathering your ingredients.
You may need more or less mangos and limes depending on the size and freshness of your produce. I always suggest using fresh lime juice over the stuff that comes in a bottle – even if it says pure lime juice it really does not taste the same as fresh to me and come on, how hard is it to juice a lime? I use this juicer all the time and love it. Mango nectar can be found in the aisle with shelf stable juices (non- refrigerated) or if your store has one, look in the Mexican food section. You can find the recipe for habanero infused tequila on my previous post. Triple sec is sweet orange flavored liquor, a cheaper version of Cointreau or Grand Marnier.

Cut your mango, remove the core and the skin and blend up. Add to a pitcher along with the rest of the ingredients. Taste. Taste and taste again.. yummy right?

This recipe makes enough for 8 small drinks, or 4 good size glasses. It is a pretty weak ratio of alcohol to mixer because that’s just how I like it, but I usually set the pitcher next to a bottle of tequila so anyone who desires their refreshments a little stiffer can float some extra tequila on top.  I also leave an ice bucket nearby instead of filing the pitcher with ice so that it doesn’t get watered down, but if you know you are serving a group of thirsty ladies {or fellas} who will slurp down a pitcher before the ice melts, ice away. Or you could freeze up some mango nectar ice cubes if you’re feeling fancy. Actually as I write this I’m really wishing I would of planned  better and had a group of fancy slurping ladies here to enjoy these with me… where my girls at?
Mango Habanero Margarita Recipe
by Tristin Rieken at ONEarmedMAMA.com
  • ½ C habanero infused tequila
  • 2 oz triple sec
  • 1 ½  C mango nectar
  • ¾ C fresh mango (about 2 mangos)
  • ½ C  lime juice (from 3 limes)
  • Remove mango from the inner pith and peel. Add to blender and process until smooth. Pour in pitcher.
  • Add remaining ingredients to pitcher.
  • Stir.
  • Pour over ice and enjoy!

Yield: 4 servings.

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