Around 8 years ago our neighbors dropped an old kids rocking Bucking Bronco toy off on our doorstep.. I'm not quite sure why this always happens to me, but I may possibly give people the impression that I like old junk.

Back then, I used some tempera paint I had laying around and painstakingly custom painted her with a pretty pink saddle with gold accents. This worked well for awhile {I actually had a few people stop and ask if she was for sell over the years}, but I was not exactly thinking long-term with the tempera paint and she was definitely starting to show some wear.

Our yard is very small and sloped in the back yard but nice and flat in front so I am forced to put all of the kid's yard toys in full public view in the front yard. I am not so selfish that I would make my kids live a toy-free life in exchange for a beautiful, magazine-worthy landscaped yard.. but don't think I haven't considered it.
Regardless, I figured it was time to give our Bucking Bronco beauty a facelift. First, I pressure washed and sanded her to remove as much of the peeling tempera paint as possible. I then took two cans of white Rust-Oleum Plastic Paint {I had a can of Valspar Plastic Paint and I do not recommend it - it was thin and runny and had horrible coverage} and spray painted her up. I finished the frame with a can of gold Rust-Oleum Metallic paint.

Not too bad, eh? I'm hoping that this makeover may allow to her to buck through two more kids.

Do you have any tricks that allow you to better live with the clutter that having kids brings? If, so comment below and share.

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