Easter is one of my very favorite holidays because of our family traditions that we have created, I am big on traditions so I have come up with a few things that we make sure to do every year. 
Chayce's note to the Easter Bunny from 2010, when she was 6.
The night before we leave out all our Easter baskets and paper grass basket filler so that the Bunny can reuse the same ones year after year. We also leave a carrot and a note out for Mr Easter Bunny. Thankfully for the Bunny, Chayce has yet to grill him with a thousand questions like she does to Santa. And yes, she expects hand written responses from Santa. Every. Year. Fingers crossed that she doesn't decide to start quizzing the Bunny too.

After the kids fall asleep we (Mom and Dad) hide eggs all over the house. I use paper mache eggs  collected from antique stores over the years because I love looking for holiday items when antiquing and the kids love it too because said paper eggs are substantially larger than the standard plastic eggs = more room for gifts and candy! Our rule is that they will not be hidden in bedrooms, only living room, kitchen and bathrooms. This rule may now need to be revised as we have a very small house and there are only so many places to hide things (my kids have fabulous memories when it comes to finding money and chocolate).

The kids always wake up to find that the Bunny has visited and brought them baskets to find along with our eggs. 

After all the loot has been found and we have eaten some breakfast (in addition to all the chocolate), we head down to Grandpa and Grandma's house to continue the celebration and smash real eggs over each other's heads! Seriously, we do. If you've never heard of cascarones, check out my post all about it here.

If your Easter Bunny gets overwhelmed with the thought of putting together a thoughtful and cute basket in addition to the possibility of a midnight 10+ question fill in the blank quiz like mine does, then go ahead and show him or her the list below of some of my favorite basket filler ideas:


teething toys (like this cute natural rubber bunny one)
little toys (like the adorable and fun Skwish above)
stuffed animal (cute ones from Giggle and Land of Nod)
wind up toys (I like the tin toys from Schylling)


 Toddlers (ages 1-3)

little plastic animals ( I like the ones from Schleich)
finger paints
 play dough
bath toys
music instruments- bird clickers or egg shakers

 Young Children (ages 4-8)
make your own balsa wood airplanes
butterfly net
fake tattoo sleeves and other gag gifts - disappearing ink, etc.
cars and trucks (I like die cast vehicles from Schylling)
bird whistle
little figures from their favorite tv show/movie
spy gear
scented markers
voice changer machine
stickers (these forest friends stickers are a hit in my house)
coloring books (Rosie Flo's are great and so is this Flower Seed Packet one from Dover)
sidewalk chalk (cute egg shaped ones)
Fun easter theme games (Dancing Eggs game, Egg Spoon Race, etc.)

 Pre-Teen Girls 
temporary tattoos ( metallic tattoos)
nail polish / nail polish sheets
face masks
lip gloss
egg shaped soaps
cute jewelry
cheap phones case
gift cards - itunes, visa, xbox, etc.
any craft supplies - jewelry making, clay, drawing, etc.
gag gifts
eggling egg flower garden
drawing paper and art supplies (these ones from eeboo are beautiful and high quality - anything from eeboo would be a great addition to an Easter basket)

 Anyone and Everyone
antique toys
wind up toys
bubble bath
bath fizzies
bunny or farm animal themed books (do not have to be Easter books, some of my favorites are 'Bunny My Honey', and 'Runny Babbit', and 'Moo' all of which are not Easter specific books - The Easter Egg by Jan Brett is a beautiful Easter themed book)
chocolate! Gold Lindor chocolate Easter bunnies are the best!
special coins or $2 bills

Chayce's note to the Easter Bunny 2009, age 5

Chayce with her basket, 2010

Nash, with his first Easter basket 2014

Fletcher with his basket of eggs, 2013

What are your favorite family Easter traditions?

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