Recently I decided that my house was in a rut. We had focused on updating the kids' rooms with the addition of the last baby (oh, only 19 months ago!) but haven't done much since. When looking over my Pinterest boards for the first time EVER, I noticed a trend - I had pinned the exact same kitchen design over and over in the course of a couple years.

above and below the same as above designed by Selina van der Geest and photographed by Jane Beiles for The New York Times

My house is just a living area inside an open kitchen (with a few bedrooms and bathrooms on either side. Any changes to the kitchen makes a HUGE impact, so this is a great start to refresh and spruce it up a bit.

All my kitchen pins have a few things in common - white cabinets, cement counter tops, subway tiles, splashes of chalkboard and usually some greenery and rustic wood accents - I've found this is being called Scandinavian Modern. My maternal Great-Great Grandparents immigrated to the US from Sweden so I'm technically 1/8 Swede (researching ancestral history is another major hobby of mine) so the draw to this type of interior design totally makes sense (right?).

Anyway, I'm super excited to get started. Stay tuned for updates on all our budget friendly kitchen changes! 

In the meantime, visit some of my favorite design websites for more home design inspiration:

Happy Designing!

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