I love online shopping. Gap, Nordstrom, HauteLook, and Amazon boxes and bags are among the many things that arrive at my doorstep. Recently my daughter has been giving me her allowance and birthday money to buy her things on Amazon too, leading to even more items clogging up our mailbox. I love the rush of opening it up and seeing what is waiting for me {opening up the credit card statements on the other hand is not so fun}. This happiness is not felt for one member of my family though. Fletcher, my five year old patiently awaits every box to see if it's addressed to him, which is rarely never is.

I decided to look into options for monthly surprise deliveries for my sweet boy. I checked out many different subscription box options over at My Subscription Addiction and found that Kiwi Crate seemed like the highest quality, most fun and affordable option. Plus they also have options for younger and older children!

Kiwi Crate designs age appropriate open ended craft and activities, has them reviewed by child development specialists and tested by kids before they are packed up and sent to your door.

This month the theme was Backyard Adventure. The green box came with a fun play and learn magazine, everything that we needed to create a growth chart and everything we needed to make a backyard (or living room) golf set. Plus since this is his first box, it also came with a pair of nice quality child sized scissors and a chart for keeping track of all his completed projects. 10 points for extra items!

The growth chart is great because recently Fletcher has been asking me for one. It came with leaf shaped stickers, a leaf rubbing sheet and a box of rubbing crayons in addition to the chart and ribbon for hanging.  10 points age appropriateness!

Sure, with my first I had the time to come up with age appropriate activities, gather all the materials and actually sit down and create things with her. I even remember taking Chayce out to gather real leaves and make 'fall leaf rubbings' to decorate the house. But, now two kids and one part time job later I no longer have the time to dedicate to planning fun, age appropriate activities. Interesting enough, although they are not in the age range for Kiwi Crate my 1 year old and my 11 year old both also had fun helping with the leaf rubbings. 10 points to for making it easy to do activities with the kids!

We've only had the box for 3 days and somehow we have 5 markings for Fletcher's height. Needless to say he is enjoying the growth chart. 10 points for usefulness and keeping a 5 year old's interest!

The backyard golf was also super easy to put together - it only took about 5 min for him.  I was a little skeptical at first but the cardboard golf club is holding up really well {both him and his little brother have been using it to golf, play hockey and hit each other} 10 points for good quality!

If you have been to my house you know that yes, I already have a whole closet and half a garage full of craft items but it was so easy to have everything delivered in one nice quality package. I just gave the package to Fletcher and he completed most of it by himself while I made dinner at the counter next to him. Even though we have more crayons than I know what to do with, I still think I can find room for the fun 'rubbing crayons' that came in the box. Bonus points for sending something that a craft hoarding junky like me has never even seen before!

Was the price worth it? Probably. The monthly cost ranges from $19.99 for a month to month account down to $16.99 if you pay for a whole year at once. I only paid $9.99 for the first shipment and at that price it is absolutely without a doubt worth the cost. I will see what I think next month after I pay the full $19.99, but because of how much enjoyment Fletcher has got from it I'm pretty sure that we will continue receiving Kiwi Crates until Fletcher's room is overflowing with toys and activities and my craft closets are overflowing with leftover craft items..  Wait, who am I kidding? That happened way before Kiwi Crate.

You can try it for yourself at the $9.99 price by clicking HERE to sign up for your first shipment.

Check back for my reviews of  Doodle Crate and Stitch Fix subscription boxes.

What are some of the things that your kids get excited about every month? What sorts of things do you or your kids love to receive in the mail?

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