Last weekend my boys and I were invited to a very fun construction themed 3rd birthday party. The birthday boy, Vance, loves Tonka Trucks and everything construction so his Mom planned this amazing party themed around what he loves. All the kids {and adults} had a fabulous time. It was too good not to share.
The party was designed around the theme and making sure the kids have a great time. So many times these parties have become overally focused on what adults like {labeled water bottles, perfectly placed dessert tables} that they lose sight of what it is all about - kids having fun! Well, not this one. Everything looked amazing at this construction party AND the kids had a blast!

Juliana did all the work herself. She was the party planner, caterer, baker and MOM!

The theme was sprinkled throughout the party with construction dividers surrounding the area, 

 plastic cones acting as flower vases on tables covered with warning tape, 


and hand lettered signs labeling all the fun activities. 

There were a gaggle of emoji faced 'wrecking balls', a pool filled with plastic balls,

 Bumper - Bopper suits,

a construction cone lined race zone and a inflatable tire obstacle course. 

 The kids had a chance to get their faces painted by Chelle Beautiful

Then work together to paint their own house.


Of course, no party is complete without a pinata.

In addition to the pinata candy, the kids all got to take home sand buckets filled with construction themed and just plain fun goodies.

The party food consisted of Build-Your-Own burgers, watermelon boulders and a Tonka truck filled with cheezy puff boulders. For the adults, Juliana had delicious chicken and veggie skewers as well as cold beer and wine.

 To wrap up the party, the kids were invited to top their own cupcakes at the 'Build-a-Cupcake' bar. It was a huge hit!

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We can all take a note from Juliana's book and create parties that are not only beautiful for the adults to enjoy but super fun for the kid in all of us!

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