My almost-teen daughter coined a phrase a few months back {well, at least in our house because I have never heard it in. my. life.} "that's so tumblr". I have absolutely no idea what this means. As far as I know Tumblr is a social media site, sort of like what would happen if Pinterest and Instagram had a baby? I obviously have zero clues about this so I'm probably completely butchering the description of what it actually is. If you really need to know, I suggest asking a 11-18 year old girl.

I started making fun of Chayce's new phrase by replying to everything with 'that's so facebook'. She REALLY loves it when I do that. About as much as any thirteen year old girl has ever liked anything her mother does. So, not at all.

Anyway when Chayce decided she wanted to have a pool party for her 13th birthday I knew right away that I was going to plan a 'That's so Tumblr' 13th Birthday Pool Party. I just can't divulge to her that that's what I call it because she really loves it hates it when I say the word 'tumblr'.

She actually despises 90% of what I do. Totally normal, right?

Obviously since I am so well versed in the land of Tumblr, I had to try to research and have put together a 30-something clueless mom's description of  Tumblr inspired.  I'm guessing it is a lot of quotes, string lights, pink and teal, gold, landscape photos, geometric shapes, hand drawn images, donuts, cupcakes and boho touches. I could be completely wrong, though, due to the fact that I am 32 not 13. Check out my inspiration for the party, either way it will be super cute.

Stay tuned to see how it all unfolds! I will be sharing the invitation I custom made plus a free printable fill-in version next.

When planning an event, what is your first step?

UPDATE Free pool party bday printable here

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