We've made it! Thirteen years of parenthood! My first born is no longer just a child. She is a teen.

It wasn't so long ago that we were celebrating her first birthday.

It wasn't so long ago that she could be seen sucking her thumb with her beloved 'dolly wolly' in hand at all times.

It wasn't so long ago, but things are always and ever changing. She has traded her doll for an iphone. She loves social media, listening to music, watching Vampire Diaries or The Walking Dead, playing games on her iphone, and taking baths {while watching tv or playing games on her iphone}. She also loves being with her friends doing the things thirteen year olds do.. walking around the neighborhood, swimming at the pool or lake, making prank calls, hanging out with boys, taking selfies, lip synching, eating candy and begging mom to go to the mall.

Although their needs and likes are always changing holiday traditions keep some continuity in our lives. I plan every birthday around the things that the kids love at that moment in time - their unique interests and obsessions that make them special. I strive to record those things because although I have only been a parent for 13 short years I have learned that the things that are taking up every moment in their lives today will just be a memory soon.

I also make sure to take a picture of the kids blowing out their candles every year. What birthday tradition does your family count on?

Stay tuned for all the details on the celebration-of-all-things-Chayce birthday party. 

I have already shared the party inspiration and the invitation. I will be giving all the details and more free printables soon. 

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