I love sno cones and shaved ice. At carnivals, fairs and amusement parks it is my one must have food stand treat. The only thing I don't love is the artificial super sweet and brightly colored syrup that is poured to excess all over the ice. While the kids are mixing and matching away with their syrups I  always want to order mine sans syrup. Straight up fluffy ice, please. Would that be weird?

Maybe, so it's a good thing making shaved ice at home with fresh flavored syrups is so easy. I always use homemade syrups in my cocktails, iced teas and lemonades. Remember the blackberry mint syrup from the mimosa bar at the boho baby shower a few weeks ago? Using the same method I made watermelon syrup for vodka watermelon spritzers that I thoroughly enjoyed on the 4th of July. And luckily there happened to be a little syrup left for some homemade shaved ice.

To make watermelon syrup blend a small personal sized watermelon and strain out the solids. Stir 1 cup watermelon juice with 1 cup sugar in a small saucepan and simmer until the sugar dissolves.

You just need a good quality blender or a food processor and ice cubes to turn this syrup into shaved ice.

Pulse ice on highest setting until light and fluffy. You may have to discard some larger chunks.

Pour watermelon syrup over ice

add a spoon and a straw


Kid approved! Plus no artificial colors or flavors.

A drizzle of heavy cream or sweetened condensed milk is also delicious.

Or, add rum, vodka or champagne to make a boozy adult shaved ice.

So many ways to customize it!

BONUS Watermelon Spritzer Recipe: Mix 2 cups fresh watermelon juice with 1 cup vodka and 3 Tablespoons watermelon syrup. Pour over ice and top with club soda.

What's your favorite carnival treat?