If you've been following me here or on instagram, you already know I have been planning a fun 13th birthday for Chayce. The fun bash happened a few weeks ago and I am excited to finally be able to share all details of this amazing tumblr-emoji inspired pool party.

We are lucky to live in an area that has an outdoor community pool and several lakes, so it was super easy to choose the venue for this summertime party.

Before school was out for summer, Chayce delivered custom invitations to all her friends. I like to really use the invitation as a way to set the tone for the party and get guests excited about the upcoming fun.  A free printable version of the tumblr pool party invite is available to download here.

As the guests arrived  on the day of the party, they checked in, grabbed a custom towel and got started swimming.

I made custom squad goals, #squad and beach please towels for all the guests. It was so easy with my Silhouette Cameo. All I needed was smooth and glitter heat transfer material and wholesale white beach towels.

Next to the basket of custom beach towels I stacked fun pool floats.

The party was scheduled after lunch and before dinner so there was no need to serve a whole meal. Instead the focus was on Chayce's favorite things to eat and drink.

There was lemonade and mini bottles of glittered sparkling cider.


The table was stocked with easy grab and go snacks for the guests to munch on during their short breaks from swimming. Bowls of chips, gold fish crackers, watermelon, fresh berries, oreos, fruit shaped gummies and an array of her favorite candies - including Hi-Chews {her absolute favorite thing in the world!} - made for an impressive snack table.

 In addition to her favorite store bought goods I made her  an assortment of her favorite homemade treats.

Berry pie pops, rice krispie treats, and brownies shaped like Popsicles were so fun for the teens. 

My friend Emily from The Hutch Oven also made these adorably mouth watering sugar cookies that fit the theme perfectly! All I did was send her a link to my Pinterest board for the party and she created the cookies.

The main focus of the party was swimming, hanging out, laughing and goofing off with friends {she is thirteen after all}, so we kept other activities to a minimum.

Chayce was adamant about having a photo booth though. 

I hung metallic fringe curtains from the wall to make the backdrop. These curtains came equipped with adhesive strips at the top making them incredibly easy to hang in minutes without having to bring tape or tacks.

My original plan was to cut the curtains into a chevron pattern based on this tutorial by ispydiy but the wind would have made it impossible. Instead, I simply layered gold, silver and fuschia curtains and it turned out great.

I used my Silhouette Cameo to cut out  tumblr inspired photo booth props and placed them within arms reach along with emoji balloons on sticks.


Guests used a Fuji film Instax instant camera to snap pics of eachother and hung them nearby to process. 

The goal of this event was simply to get friends together over the summer to laugh and swim while highlighting the things that Chayce loves at this point in her life.

Judging by the smiles on both the birthday girl's and the guest's faces, I mark this party as a success!


invitation printing - Mpix
emoji balloons - amazon
balloon sticks - amazon
metallic fringe curtains - amazon
black and white tablecloth - Target (no longer available) similiar
party blowers - Target (no longer available) similiar
tassel garland - Target (no longer available) similiar
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giant cupcake pool float - Target
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giant donut pool float - Target
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black heat transfer material - Silhouette
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