1ST DAY OF SCHOOL + FREE photoshop template

It's that time again, Summer is over and back to school they go. The crazy thing is I now have an eighth grader and a first grader, and eighth grader, whaatttt?!

I have a tradition of taking first day of school pictures.Weeeeeelllllll except for last year. I totally forgot about taking the day off and when I realized that I would miss their pictures I cried in the back room at work. I ended up taking 'off the bus from the first day of school' pictures instead, and you know what? Nobody cared and the world didn't end.

Some years I pull out the DSLR and take great shots. Other times it's a quick iPhone picture.

One thing stays the same, though. The kids always give me attitude and hate that I make them pose when they are so focused on making it to the bus on time and dealing with first day jitters.

When I am extra ambitious I take the time to upload the pics to Photoshop and create a Back to School keepsake.

 Truth is, in the nine years that I've had a child in school this is only the second first day of school keepsake I've created.

If I had a file on my computer where all I had to do was input a picture I probably would have created more.. Lucky for you! I've decided to take some of the work out of it and design a Photoshop template. This will make it so much easier it easier to create a first day of school memory keepsake, and I'm sharing this free Photoshop template with you!

Simply click on the link below to download your own First Day of School keepsake Photoshop template

Download HERE

The file will open and all you need to do is click the download button, shown below.

Open the file in Adobe Photoshop. View the layers and update the information.

To add your child's first day of school picture, create a new layer above  'place photo above this layer' and with your image select, create a clipping mask. You can create a clipping mask by either using CTRL+G or selecting 'layer > create clipping mask'.

Then, resize your photo to fit the square.

To ensure that your image displays properly download the following free fonts

That's it! Now, all you have to do is plop a new image in every year and you can have a whole folder full of first day of school keepsakes. Super easy SuperMom status!

Even though I still have one at home I'm excited to enjoy the extra peace and quiet that the start of the school year brings.  

Although, one person was not too happy to see his brother off to school this morning,

I was pretty stoked.

Now, I'm off to clean my house, repaint some furniture and get a good 30 minute workout in while the homemade banana bread is cooking and the little one is playing quietly in his room without attacking or being attacked by his siblings.... Or... drink another pot of coffee while browsing instagram before the monster comes out and needs a diaper change.

Cheers folks!