DONUTS AND DUDES + free DUDE LIB printable!

Our PTA started a new event at the school this year, Donuts with Dads. It was a huge success but there's also so many kinks to work out with new events. So I am sharing my planning process with you as well as a fun Dude Lib printable.

I started the planning process by speaking with our members I heard the same feedback from so many people - make it inclusive! It was super clear in all of our communications that Donuts with Dads - or - Donuts with Dudes  - would be for everyone! Grandpas, friends, neighbors, brothers, Moms or Grandmas. Anyone who wanted to come would be welcome.

The invitations were printed in black and white to keep costs down and distributed to families as soon as possible. Since it was a before school event it was very important to give people plenty of notice to ask for time off of work, etc.

We also asked people to return the bottom portion as an RSVP. Although RSVPs are useful, estimating based on number of students is more accurate. Our estimate was that half of students would attend each bringing one person. With a 225 person student body we expected 225 attendees.

We purchased 15 dozen assorted donuts and 2 dozen gluten free options, and the 204 donuts were all eaten. I recommend padding your estimate with a few extra dozen donuts. I also suggest calling ahead to order your donuts so there are no surprises when you go to pick them up. There are many community members who love to donate to school events. When planning remember to ask for donations at least a month in advance.

We had bananas cut in half and bunches of grapes available as a healthier option. As well as a self serve beverage station with coffee, apple juice and milk.

The event only lasted for half an hour and we had to be cleaned up within 5 minutes so that students could have their breakfast in the cafeteria. Because of this we wanted to keep decor and activities to a minimum while still making the event feel special.

I brought cake stands and glass platters from home as well as some colorful fringe garlands and a donut floaty as wall decor.

We also hung kraft paper on the wall to create a DIY photo booth where attendees could snap a quick phone photo.

Kraft paper was also used as economical table covers.

I used this free donut printable from Oh Happy Day to make some super cute donut confetti for the tables. 

I also created a Dude Lib for people to fill out during that awkward time before conversation picks up at the table.

Crayons do double duty for the Dude Lib and for impromptu kraft paper artwork.

 Download your FREE Dude Lib printable HERE

Overall, the event was a huge success! Bringing people to the school to get them comfortable with being at the school, building connections between students, staff and families and building community! We will be using what we learned from Donuts with Dads to create a fun Muffins with Moms event in May.