I feel so lucky to live in an area not only rich with natural beauty but also with an abundant and thriving community of farmers with farm stores at the source. Once a year many of these farmers get together and host a farm tour where families can follow a map through all the participating farms - tasting their offerings and partaking in the extra activities each offers. This year we loaded up the kids and made a few stops on the Festival of Family Farms Skagit Farm Tour.

 The kids had fun climbing on farm equipment,

getting their faces painted 

to turn them into even wilder little cubs than they already are,

  and building fairy houses on the beach.

We had homes for dinosaurs 


and zombie apocolypse bunkers, though.

 The adults tasted all sorts of local cheeses, seafood and locally grown goods and brought our favorites to the beach to end the day with a local farm goods picnic.

What are some ways that you enjoy your loved ones while taking advantage of the natural resources in your area?

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