The moscow mule is my favorite cocktail for so many reasons. Fizzy, tangy and warmly spicy this vodka based beverage is perfect as is. It pairs so well with many flavors it's also the perfect base for other custom cocktails. The cranberry in this version pairs so well with the ginger and makes for a beautiful addition to any fall celebration.

Moscow Mules are historically served in the copper mugs that their name has become synonymous with. Apparently due to a great marketing ploy from the owner of Smirnoff, a bar owner with an abundance of ginger beer and a copper mug peddler {you can read more about the comical history of moscow mules here}

Although I am a huge fan of anything copper this cocktail tastes equally delicious in a standard glass tumbler.


It's a simple mixed drink, no shaking or muddling required. Just gather your ingredients and pour.

Vodka. I know I'm not staying true to history here, so if you're a purist go ahead and get some Smirnoff vodka.  I like this icelandic vodka from Reyka, but really I'll just drink any old vodka that's available.

Where you should be picky is with your ginger beer. It makes up the majority of this cocktail so I suggest you find the best ginger beer you can. I personally love Fever Tree ginger beer. It's perfectly bubbly with low sweetness and perfect fresh ginger flavor.  Ginger beer is not an alcoholic beverage, but rather the fermented cousin of the better known ginger ale. If you aren't a huge fan of the warm spiciness of ginger beer, you can substitute a sweeter milder ginger ale.

I also love this fresh cold pressed undiluted cranberry juice from Starvation Alley Farms. It's pure undiluted cranberry, so it's not something you'd want to drink straight. Instead it's great mixed with sparking water or in a cocktail.

Fill your cup full of ice, add 2 ounces vodka, 1 ounce pure cranberry juice, and the juice from half a lime. Top with 4 ounces ginger beer, add fresh cranberries and a sprig of rosemary. The rosemary is not 100% necessary for taste.  But it does add a festive bit of green and the herbal aroma with every sip is really like autumn in a cup. Perfect for Thanksgiving or any fall party.


Cranberry Moscow Mule

recipe by Tristin Rieken of ONEarmedMAMA.com

  • 2 oz. vodka
  • 1 oz. pure cranberry juice
  • 4 oz. premium ginger beer
  • 1/2 oz. fresh lime juice, from 1/2 a lime
  • ice 
  • GARNISH: fresh cranberries, 1 sprig fresh rosemary
  • Add ice to copper mug (or glass of your choice)
  • Pour vodka and cranberry juice followed by a squeeze of lime
  • Top with ginger beer, garnish and enjoy! 
Servings: 1

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