Whether grilling in the campground, on the patio, or over the stove top, Chèvre-Stuffed Burgers with Onion Jam and Arugula are delicious, unexpected, and sure to impress. How to make stuffed burgers | chevre goat cheese recipes | @Montchevre® #ad

Chèvre - Stuffed Burgers with Onion Jam and Arugula

Whether grilling in the campground, on the patio or over the stove top Chèvre Stuffed Burgers with Onion Jam and Arugula are delicious, unexpected and sure to impress.
Course Main Course
Cuisine American
Keyword burgers, chevre, chili flakes, goat cheese, grilling, ground beef, hambugers, pickled onions, sweet onions
Prep Time 15 minutes
Cook Time 10 minutes
Total Time 25 minutes
Servings 4 servings
Calories 775kcal
Author Tristin Rieken


  • 1 ½ - 2 pounds ground beef 15-20% fat content
  • ¾ teaspoon sea salt + more to taste
  • ½ teaspoon black pepper + more to taste
  • 4 ounces Montchevre® Natural Goat Cheese Log
  • ½ cup sweet onion chili jam
  • ½ cup baby arugula loosely packed
  • 4 slices pickled red onions


  • In a large bowl, add ground beef and season with ¾ teaspoon sea salt and pepper. Gently toss with fingertips.
  • Roughly divide ground beef in half, then in half again to form 4 equal pieces.
  • Using the same method, slice Montchevre Goat Cheese into 4 equal pieces.
  • With lightly cupped hands, gently form patties in your palm.
  • Place goat cheese round in center and bring burger up around sides, gently sealing at the top to form an even patty. Press gently with thumb to slightly indent the top and help the patty maintain shape while cooking.
  • Season with a light sprinkle of salt and pepper, then place on preheated grill of your choice (charcoal, smoker, stovetop,, etc) and cook until medium - about 2-3 minutes per side.
  • Meanwhile, toast buns lightly and smear each side with roughly 1 tablespoon sweet onion chili jam. Assemble by topping bottom bun with arugula followed by stuffed burger, pickled red onions and top bun. Secure with a pick if necessary - mini pickle optional.


Once formed separate patties with parchment paper and freeze for up to 3 months in an airtight container or vacuum seal. Thaw overnight in refrigerator and cook as directed.
Make a less spicy mild version by mixing chili onion jam with mayonnaise.


Calories: 775kcal | Carbohydrates: 30g | Protein: 44g | Fat: 51g | Saturated Fat: 21g | Cholesterol: 174mg | Sodium: 707mg | Potassium: 674mg | Sugar: 21g | Vitamin A: 350IU | Vitamin C: 5.1mg | Calcium: 96mg | Iron: 5.1mg